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Why EoS System?

Why AvBIS: About

Helping Stakeholders manage their multiple challenges

Using our many years of detailed airline management experience in operational & commercial fields we have developed a suite of web-based solutions with the vision to change the way technology is delivered to the aviation sector.

All technologies are based on IATA standards and presented in a modular and scalable methodology which allows clients to specify their exact needs.

Key Benefits of EoS System:

  • Flexible, scalable and modular infrastructure can handle any client's needs;

  • SSOT (Single source of truth) of your organisation;

  • Individual departments combine critical data for the analysis and greater benefit of the organisation;

  • All Operational data can be interrogated, exported & presented in various formats;

  • Quick system set up in your organisation with dedicated support from our team.

Why AvBIS: About

Technology has become a key enabler in the aviation sector with Airlines and Ground Handling Agents (GHA) use of multiple systems to manage operations, improve customer services and reduce fixed and variable costs.


We offer a sophisticated solution that enables Airline & Ground Handling Agent management teams to take quick decisions based on complete & up-to-date / real-time data analysis.


Organisations often don’t have a single information system that provides the key performance data including flight management and real-time communication. Our flexible, modular infrastructure can handle any client needs i.e. 100% manual data load to 100% automated.

Why AvBIS: About

Passengers expect information at their fingertips and to be in control of their travel as well as efficiency and reliability on the part of the operator.

Airlines & GHA management teams need live operational data at their fingertips to make customer and cost-effective decisions. While major operators manage this by investing huge sums, smaller operators have not been in a position to do the same.

AvBIS offers a complete solution to support aviation operations & commercial management with very competitive pricing with scalable scenarios.

Why AvBIS: About


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