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EoS System by AvBIS for Airline Hub Management 

Airline management teams need live operational data at their fingertips to make customer and cost-effective decisions. While major operators manage this by investing huge sums, smaller operators have not been in a position to do the same.

EoS System by AvBIS provides a number of solutions for running your airline's operations from commercial and managerial to operational standpoints.

The EoS System is the SSOT (Single Source of Truth) of your airline where real-time data can be accessed from anywhere in the world and any device for better decision-making. 

EoS system for Airlines includes but not limited to the following management tools: ​

  • Station Management; 

  • Ground Operations;

  • Flight Operations;

  • Crew Control;

  • Human Resource Management;

  • Revenue Data;

  • Booking Report;

  • Revenue Report;

  • Sales Management.

Key Benefits of EoS System:

  • Flexible, scalable and modular infrastructure can handle any client's needs;

  • Individual departments combine critical data for the analysis and greater benefit of the organisation;

  • All Operational data can be interrogated, exported & presented in various formats;

  • Quick to implement the system in your organisation with dedicated team members.

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