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EoS by AvBIS - Aviation Business Information Systems provides comprehensive Ground Operations/Handling solutions for Ground Handling Agents/FBO and small size airlines/operators. We offer various modules including Flightwatch with OTP Management,  Staff/Crew rostering and hours, License/Approval records management, Library for Manuals/Documents with Read & Sign records.

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Home: Services

EoS System by AvBIS offers a single-source operation, information management, and communication tools for planning, analysing data and delivering operations. It helps create a better working environment for the staff allowing Airlines and GHA to craft precise measures needed to forecast activity, resources, increase efficiency, improve processes, reduce costs, determine capacity and maximise revenues.

All technologies are based on IATA standards and presented in a modular and scalable methodology which allows clients to specify their exact needs.

AvBIS offers a complete Solution to support Aviation Operations & Commercial  Management with very competitive pricing and scalable scenarios.

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